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Welcome to FX-FCTUTOR

Our Math Tutors help kids uncover and understand math procedures, achieve better grades and gain mastery of math topics.

Each math tutor builds interest and confidence in the student using games, pictures and examples the child can relate to real life situations. A math tutor is always online to help students with math homework, helping them uncover math procedures and learning quick ways of solving math so they can improve their grades and reach their full potentials. Homeschoolers will also benefit from our online tutoring by taking advantage of our in depth teaching methods that cover different ways of solving a problem.

At FX-FCTUTOR, we focus on self-directed learning. Our online tutoring sessions involve the students in their learning. To make topics and concepts engaging to the student, we strive to find out what favorable and unfavorable learning beliefs the child holds, before designing sessions tailored to the individual student. Promoting interest in our online tutoring sessions builds confidence in the student to follow up with more learning.

Our math tutoring online sessions are designed for kids in 3rd grade through 12th grade.

We exist to develop sharp minds in all students so they can face tough competition in future. This is our mission.


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