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Online math tutoring for kids - How to excel in tests

When students skip studying and cram at the last minute for tests, they tend not to do well in such tests.

Successful students have the following traits:

1. They exhibit a positive mindset.

2. They set goals and strive to achieve them.

3. They manage t heir time properly.

Students underestimate the fact that studying to excel in math is challenging.

It will take consistent well-organized effort to do well in math.

It is the students understanding of basic concepts and steadfastness in solving numerous problems that gives them the edge in tests and in life after schooling.

Online math help can get a student up to speed in understanding, mastering and applying the tricks of solving not just interactive math problems but also math problems that require formulating and representing new knowledge.




There are methods to adopt if students are to attain a success level in tests.

Results show that students who had private math tutors attained significant higher mean score than students who received normal classroom teaching.

One of the advantages of working with a math tutor is tutoring that provides additional enrichment that closes the gap of classroom life.

Another advantage to the student is the fact that the responsibility of success is placed in the hands of the student as they can learn at their own pace.

The following effective approach the student can benefit from, by attending online tutoring sessions, problem solving sessions and performing supplementary reading are:-

1. Do a quick reading on the topics scheduled before attending any live online math help session. Ten to fifteen minutes may be sufficient for a one hour session. The aim is to get up to speed with the topic to be discussed.

2. Attend live online math help sessions and take notes. Attend all the sessions you registered for. Someone has paid for those sessions so BE THERE.

3. Request for a recorded session you attended. Review them after each session. DO NOT save this idea until a few days before the exam.

4. Do your homework regularly. You do not learn problem solving skills by reading examples of solved problem, you must learn to do the problems yourself if you are to excel in school and examinations.

By doing the homework problems on a regular basis you will be able to identify areas where you need more work and tutoring, well in advance of your test.


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