A Trained Tutor for Math can make all the difference.

Get help early for a struggling student.

There are so many online tutoring websites that promise to provide students with math tutor for homework help.

We offer a different kind of online tutoring experience. First, we provide a tutor for math for every struggling student with personalized sessions designed to help struggling students uncover math procedures, properties and proof for themselves. Each math tutor assigned to a struggling student has the right kind of training to generate interest and engagement in each online tutoring session using games, pictures and cognitive activation strategies that the student will find useful in real life situations.

When other online tutoring websites provide their students with a tutor for math and help them learn math, we go the extra mile with our students, helping them develop positive motivational beliefs; using quick math methods the student will derive formula for themselves and use what they learnt in related topics. Applying these techniques in math homework help sessions the student will build confidence and make progress.

Students in East Asian countries perform better in math because they understand math problems that require understanding, formulating and representing new knowledge, compared to other type of problems. A math tutor assigned to a student goes beyond interactive problems to present a range of new knowledge and learning skills that is enriching and beneficial to the student.

Our live online tutoring sessions are designed to support students who are struggling to catch-up with traditional classroom learning. Students looking to improve their grades and homeschoolers who need online tutoring help will also benefit.

Developing sharp minds to face tough competition in future is our mission.

With each math homework help session, a math tutor trained in personalized teaching methods will ensure that the student masters the basic concepts before advanced concepts are introduced.

We understand that the most important part of every learning process is in the "doing", therefore, our online tutoring help sessions employs the active, more problem-based approach.


Expert math tutor guaranteed to improve your grade
A math tutor from FX-FCTUTOR will help struggling students become top performers

Our tutors are patient in this learning process, being mindful of the fact that tutoring with patience builds confidence in students. This confidence is what students need going forward in every examination/test.

We encourage high levels of thinking to see possibilities even when the student’s perception is limited.

In our online math tutoring for kids, every session is recorded so students and parents can replay sessions for better appreciation and reinforcement of learning.

Students will learn quick methods of solving problems and in different ways. The methods we employ are bound to be useful to the student not only during schooling but in practical life after school stage.

We believe situations can changed only through action.



  • FX-FCTUTOR currently tutors children from grades 3 through 12.
  • Parents are expected to provide a distraction-free environment for their children.
  • Parents must know their children’s schedule, and ensure that they log on to FX-FCTUTOR online tutoring platform 10 minutes in advance, and wait for the tutor to join the session.
  • Our service - online math tutoring for kids is not a substitute to classroom learning, it is supplementary.
  • Get help early for kids who are frustrated and fall behind in the traditional brick and mortar classroom.


At FX-FCTUTOR, our mission is to develop sharp minds to face tough competition in future.


To provide effective affordable education so all struggling students can catch up with classroom learning and build good academic foundation to be experts in their chosen career path.

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