Is FX-FCTUTOR safe to use?

Yes. As a matter of privacy, we do not share student information.

How long will a tutor wait for a student in a scheduled session?

Tutors will wait 15 minutes for the student after the scheduled time. After 15 minutes, the student(s) will be marked as a “no- show” and the tutor will be free to go. The student will not be entitled to a "make-up" session.

How do I process a refund?

All refunds can be processed initially via email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and finally via phone- +1-302 722 4717.

How long should student wait for a math tutor in a scheduled session?

Student should wait 15 minutes for their tutors after login; after 15 minutes and the tutor does not show up, the tutor will be marked as a “no-show” and student can leave. Student will not be charged and the session rescheduled.

How does FX-FCTUTOR work?

fxfctutor.com is a live online tutoring platform. Tutoring sessions take place in our friendly online tutoring classroom. You need a user account, USB headphone with microphone, a PC, MAC, Laptop, mobile phone or tablet to access our online tutoring classroom. Log into our classroom and you and the tutor can communicate in real time. You can share files in PDF, WORD, TEXT and POWER POINT. Freehand writing and drawing are also available to use. There are limitless possibilities in our friendly classroom. All our sessions are recorded and can be replayed for academic reinforcement. Why not try it for FREE.

Do our tutors provide answers to your questions?

The central theme of FX-FC is self directed learning. This means we involve the student in the learning process. Our tutors will explain the principles and concepts of each problem so you can learn how to solve the problem and get to answer yourself.

Who can use FX-FCTUTOR?

Anyone in grade 3 to grade 12 can use FX-FCTUTOR to get help in solving math or physics problems. However, you need an active fxfctutor.com user account to get help from our tutors. If you do not have a user account,click HERE to get started now.

Does FX-FCTUTOR cover K-12 curriculum?

Yes we cover the K-12 curriculum. Our tutors are familiar with, and can thoroughly explain, every concept covered in the K-12 curriculum.

Who needs FX-FCTUTOR?

Students who are struggling to catch up with classroom learning, homeschoolers and students who need home work help in math and pyhsics in 3rd grade through 12th grade. Students who need academic enrichment to improve their grades will also benefit. Emphasis is on self directed learning, simplification of hard concepts and learning the tricks of solving problems.

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